Hummingbird Haven

If you’re looking for something a little more off the path you’ll definitely want to check out this place. It’s a little outside San Ignacio Belize on the Hummingbird Highway (about 90min from San Ignacio). It’s got hiking, camping, swimming holes and oh so much more.The place is a total of 100 acres, 90 of which has been kept untouched. The folks running Hummingbird Haven are all about being Eco-friendly, and not in the fake way that has become all too common place as of late. They have bio-digesting toilets, solar power, an organic garden, compost pile and any thing else that they have thought of to keep their place as close to natural as possible.

Your options are dorms for 20bz a night, camping for 10bz a night (they also rent gear), or you can stay in a semi-private family (one double and two single beds) room for 60bz a night. All guests have access to the kitchen and there’s even hot water in the bath house.

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