Big Rock Falls

Big rock is a good time. The only problem is the path there – it’s pretty much straight up and down. Meaning unless you have some solid knees and legs, don’t go here. That said it is quite picturesque. From where you pull up, you’ll see a trail straight ahead. Follow that and stay to the right. When you get to the super steep part there is a “not so sturdy” railing and a rope. It’s best to use them.¬†Once you get to the bottom, take a left and head to the waterfall. So when you get down there and you have had your fill of picture taking and swimming, it’s time to jump off the rocks. It’s not mandatory but it’s worth it.

The basin under the waterfall it very, very deep. There really in no way you could jump and hit the bottom. To get up to where you can jump you’ll want to swim to the right side. You can do the left side but it’s really slick. So, on the right side at the front there are some rocks at the level of the water and if you head there and climb straight up you’ll find all the hand and foot holds you’ll need. You’ll climb up over a little and down a few feet, onto a rock from which you can jump.

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