This is an excellent way to see a bit of wild life and get away for a while. The two main rivers are the Macal and the Mopan. Both are lovely and can be easily done in a canoe, just ask any tour company and they will be able to get you the canoes. If you want the best canoe

trip you’ll have to go to Chaa Creek. So here’s the rub. Chaa Creek is on the Makal River, which is up river from town and down river from Duplooy’s – the botanical gardens. So depending on what you want to do, you can go early in the morning and catch the 9:00am horseback riding or you can skip it and head there later and just rent the canoe. Once you get the canoe head up river and pull out at Duplooy’s. Have a nice day wandering around the gardens then comes the best part. When you rent the canoe you can just paddle back into town. It’s like saying, “honey lets get in the car and head back to the hotel” except that you are taking a canoe back to the hotel instead of a car. You get out at a little dock just by the Hawksworth bridge and you’re home.

getting there

Well if you just want to go canoeing head to the page ‘o tour companies and any of those guys will point you in the right way. If you want to go the Chaa Creek rout, you will need to take a taxi which will run you about 40bz. If you are wanting to ride the horses that’s 90bz a person. Just the canoe is 50bz a person and that includes them meeting you in town to take the canoe back out and the Chaa Creek route really is one of the best canoe trips

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