Caves + Water = Fun

Barton Creek Cave

Back in the day the Maya were all over the place. In fact there were more people living here then than now. With that said remnants of them are all over. Barton Creek Cave is one such spot that is pretty neat. After a lovely drive through a jungley paradise, you get your lamps and hop in your canoe. You see, Barton Creek is the inside of the cave. Its got all the neat formations that one would expect from a cave, but it’s also got skeleton bits and Maya artifacts. Barton Creek Cave is believed to have been a site for Maya rituals…thus the bits of skeletons.

Getting There

If this is the kind of thing that floats your boat. There are a couple of options. Now unless you are the type of traveler that carries a canoe around with you, you will need someone with a canoe to take you in. That usually means a tour company. The next option is to stay at the The Barton Creek Outpost. They will do trips for guests, but not walk-ins.

Cave Tubing

So this might sound like something that only crazy, thrill seeking freaks go in for. Well, it’s actually quite the opposite. Depending on the company you go with, you will usually be wearing a life jacket, a helmet with a light and you might have to stay in your tube. There are also no rapids or fast moving water. This is something that you could safely take your grandmother on. That said, it is a really neat float. You’re in the cave for about a half hour, and you get to see all the stalagtites, columns, and stalagmights that usually fill caves. So in conclulion, it’s a good time but not all that intense…oh, and ask whether it’s a cruise ship day, if it is, try to go another day.

Getting There

This part gets a little confusing. There is basically one place that all the cave tubing goes on. The river is at the Caves Branch resort, but you don’t have to use them. You also might see a sign for a place called Jaguar Paw, they tube in the same spot. If you are staying in town, Destiny Tours, for example, does cave tubing at the same place. Basically, if you want to stay at the resorts near the place you totally can, but it’s just as easy to stay in town and do it as a day trip.

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