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If you are looking for local art, San Ignacio is the place to be. There are painters, sculpters, slate carvers, jewelry makers, and pretty much everything else. You can find them on corners, in front of businesses or just walking around. In addition, much of the art you see in restaurants and bars is for sale, so if you see something you like, don't hesitate to ask. Buy an item, support the artists and have something that you won't be able to find anywhere else.

Daniel Valazquez

Andy Palacio by GuanamonDaniel is an artist. His work includes: painting, film making, and photography - to name a few. He is currently living in Belize where he paints and makes films in his jungle studio. He dropped out of college,after 2 and a half years of architecturalAmor de do Madre by guanamondesign to join the Peace corp, were he was suppose to teach constuction at the vocational school in Belize city. That didn't fit with what he felt he should be doing so he left. That's when he heard about the Green Iguana Conservation Project. He joined a family of nature lovers and started making films. He has recently been making films and posting them to youtube.

Eduardo Guerra

eddie with mayan man in front of Flayva's in San Ignaico, Belize eddie's toucan Eddie is from San Ignacio and is well known around town. In the evenings, he comes out with his canvases, and sells them on Burns Ave. He is entirely self taught and describes his work as free-style. The paintings tell him what colors to use. The content ranges from mayan art to nature and animals. He has his work on display at Greedy's and The Fox Club amogst others. If you'd like to get in touch with him, give him a call at 625.2416, or just head down town on the weekends.


Slate and Jewelry in front of Martha's Finding a slate carver in San Ignacio is pretty easy. You can't walk more than a few yard and not find some slate. Sometimes it even comes to you. Gustavo, however, is one of the best. His work has been bought by thousands and also made it to the cover of a book about mayan art and culture. He makes it all himself (including the jewelry) He can usually be found in front of Martha's guesthouse. You can also contact him at 669-5504.

Marvin Olivaraz

Marvin Marvin Itz Am Na Marvin lives in Succcutz, Belize. He learned how carve from his father-in-law Mr. Juan Panti when he was 18. His carvings moslty deal with mayan inconography and depicts everything from gods, to the calandar to Mayan style animals. He also does jewlry boxes and pendents. Most of his carvings are for hanging; he can also make free standing pieces. You can contact him at

Paul Stevenson - Artemis Glass

Paul's Pendants San Ignacio BelizeI create contemporary sculptural and functional pieces from glass, constantly exploring more complex and creative work in this medium. Paul's Torch San Ignacio Belize Paul specialises in making exclusive luxury glasswork, comprising excuisite taste and detail for the most discerning clientele. The unique works of art created include glass bowls and commissioned glass architecture.His inspiration comes from natural rythmical patterns found in nature. According to Paul, "We have a myriad of beautiful patterns and colours in this wild and magnificently beautiful, fantastically magical place.


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