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Music, Art, History Eddie with his painting in San Ignacio Belize

While San Ignacio, Belize doesn't have the same sort of identity as say the Garifuna in Dangriga, it still has an identity unto itself. The town is a mix of all sorts of people and that is where its beauty lies. You'll find Kreols, Indians, Mayans, Taiwanese, Chinese, Mexicans, Guatemalans, a handful of Europeans, Americans, and Canadians, etc. etc. all working and living together. San Ignacio has a long history and although everyone comes for different reasons, most stay for the same: they love it.

Women washing clothes in the Makal River in San Ignacio Belize

The artistic vibe in the town is quite impressive and most restaurants walls are covered in local painters' work. Many of the more well known artists on the islands are from here. There is a music school and it's not uncommon to see street musicians hanging around.

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If you are interested in the history of San Ignacio you are up for a search. This towns history extends far into the past and is largely forgotten save by a few. A Mr.Hector Silva is the main historian for the town and he can be heard regularly calling into radio shows. He has also been working on a book series on the history of the town. Several collections of photos, ranging from 1908-1970s, have been posted to the Facebook page. Feel free to have a look and sign up if you want. We are currently working to get a concise history of San Ignacio to post on the site. Hopefully we will have it for you all soon.


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San Ignacio in nice letters.
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