Music in and around San Ignacio

Andy Palacio Painted by Daniel Velasquez The clubs and bars of Belize are pretty much ruled by Dance Hall and Raegaton from other countries. That said, you do get some pretty neat stuff if you look in the right places. For instance: the Garifuna have some great music and drumming, there is a local guy named Mr. Pitts that is a street musician down town, a couple of the schools have pretty good bands that compete quite regularly. You'll also find groups like the Gilharry 7 and of course the main record label of Belize Stone Tree Records. In San Ignacio you'll be able to catch some concerts, but most places higher DJs.

The Cayo Music SchoolCayo Music School at the Cayo Arts Festival 2010

The Cayo Music School was founded in 2004 by Catharine DeRenzis. It boasts over 50 students ages 5-18 and preforms country-wide, entertaining the likes of the Rotary Club, La Ruta Maya, September and December celebrations, and numerous other local events.

The founder and director, Catharine DeRenzis, is also a free-lance musician, who plays, with her partner Jason Guerrero, weddings at all the major resorts in Cayo.

Stone Tree Records

Music Supplies

If you are just looking for maybe strings or a guitar you have two options. If you have a car you'll want to head out to Spanish Lookout. All the way at the end of the main drag there is a Shell Station. In the Shell station there are two floors. On the second floor you will find a huge selection of audio adapters, equipment, instruments, and things in that realm. The second option is in town. In the back of the old mall on West St., there is a little shop that sell audio supplies. The only trick is that the guy is a teacher and is only in his shop on Saturdays. But you can call him and he'll usually swing by, he just lives around the corner. His number is on the door if he isn't in.


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