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Compared to most places in Belize, there are an abundance of excellent restaurants located in San Ignacio making it sometimes difficult to choose which one to visit.

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Erva's Flayva's Greedy's Pizza Hannah's The Hot Taco
The Palate Pop's Rolson's Running W Serendib
Yoli's Pizza Chinese Food


Erva's, San Ignacio, Belize

#4 Far West St.
M-Sat 8a-3p/6p-10p

Erva's restaurant and catering prepares both Belizean and international cuisine. Their breakfast consists of everything from pancakes and waffles to burritos and fry-jacks. They have specially selected steaks that are cooked to the delight of their customers. The chicken cordon blue is popular and always available and their seafood consists of specially selected snapper cooked in butter and garlic, served with a twice baked potato and vegetables. The menu is large and there is a plethora of options.

The patio at Flayva's in San Ignacio Belize


#22 Burns Ave.
M-Su 6:30a-10p

If you have a guide book, you will no doubt see this location listed as Eva's. As of February '10, it's now known as Flayva's. It's still more or less the same old place. The art has been changed and the tables are nicer, and it's has a new set of owners (mind you Eva's changed hands quite a few times also). It's just off the main intersection right where everyone comes and goes.

Greedy's Pizzeria, San Ignacio Belize

Mr.Greedy's Pizzeria

#5 Burns Ave.
M-Su 6a-9p

Known by the locals, ex-pats and foreigners for their amazing Italian pizza, Mr Greedy's features the only Italian hand tossed crust in Belize.

The Restaurant has been completely redesigned; they've added a great street side bar and tables that makes great place to sit enjoy a Mango Colada or eat great local & foreign cuisine. While you hang out with locals, ex-pats and friends , the Beach sand floor and bamboo bar gives the place an open look and friendly feel.

The Hot Taco Logo, San Ignacio Belize

Bullet Tree Rd. by the Salvation Army
M-Sat 11a-2p 4p-7p
See the Menu
***They deliver in downtown San Ignacio***

Hot Taco is nice little Belize style fast food place. The Owner has created (from scratch) an amazing but simple menu. It's rather like if you had taco bell, but with a little bit of home in it. Like I said all the recepies and you can tell. They currently have soft and hard tacos, quesadillas and a weekly special.

Inside Ko-Ox Han-nah's in San Ignacio Belize

Ko-ox Han-nah

#5 Burns Ave.
M-Sat 6a-9p

Ko-ox Han-nah is centrally located and offers a large diverse menu, catering also to vegetarians. They serve traditional Belizean food, spicy Asian dishes, as well as American/English food.

The Deli

Ko-ox Han-nah also has a deli located just across the street. They sell a variety of cheeses, meats, pasteries and snacks. We suggest one of sandwiches. They come on nice big slices of home made wheat bread and you get to pick your cheese. They're also just 6bz.
The Palate in San Ignacio, Belize.  View of the corner table with paintings.

The Palate Grill

West st. behind Courts
M-F 11a-7p/Sat 11a-9p

The Palate is a little place located just behind the Courts building. The entire place can only seat maybe 10, that's even with it great little bamboo patio. One of the best things about the place (other than the food of course) is that all the paintings are done by the owner Ken. He's also the guy who grills up your choice of meat. Fish, beef or pork are 10bz; or chicken for 8bz; and that price includes a side of brown rice, grilled veggies and a side salad. If you are vegetarian, let him know and he'll grill you up something special.

The Front of Pop's Restaurant

Pop's Restaurant

West St. Behind Courts
6:30-3 M-Su

Pop's Restaurant is one of the few places in San Ignacio that serves breakfast all day. The feel of the place is what you would get if a Denny's and the Caribbean had a love child - Booths, bright colors and a very local feel. You won't get anything fancy, but you definitely won't get anything bad.

Rolson's Mexican Restaurant San Ignacio Belize - The Patio

Rolson's Mexican Restaurant

#24 Crenshaw St.
Behind Chuc's on Benque Rd.

Mexican Food in Belize is few and far between. If that is what you are looking for then you have no further to look than Rolson's Restaurant. It's an excellent hotel & restaurant combo that serves the best Mexican food in San Ignacio. As an added plus, it's up on the side of a hill so you get a great view of San Ignacio, Santa Elena and (at night) Spanish Lookout. One last thing. There are no vegetarian items on the menu, but if you ask, they can do veggie.
Running W Steak House San Ignacio

Running W Steak House

#18 Buena Vista St.
F-Sun 7a-10p/M-Th 7a-2p/6p-9p

This restaurant is located in the San Ignacio Hotel. Running w itself is Belize's largest beef and cattle operation, and this is where the best cuts go. Try the Mayan Steak, marinated strips of tenderloin grilled and served with fresh tortillas. They've also got more traditional items like the 16-ounce porterhouse. There are fish and chicken dishes, as well as some Belizean standards.

Serendib, San Ignacio, Belize

Serendib Restaurant

#27 Burns Ave.
M-Sat 10a-3p/6p-11p

Serendib Restaurant has been serving Belizeans and tourists for the last 22 years. Recently the original owners sold the restaurant to a Canadian couple. They are still doing Indian food, but they have also added ceviche and more local dishes. It's still in a great spot, with a lovely patio and well worth checking out. On a final note, they have started up a happy hour from 4p-6p.
Yoli's Pizza San Ignacio Belize restaurants eating view of the jungle patio 1

Yoli's Pizza

#37 West St.
M-S 9a-9p/Sun 5a-9p
**They deliver**

Ms. Yoli has been flipping out hand made pizza daily for more than a decade. She started in 1999 and has had shops in several locations, the current location Yoli's Pizza San Ignacio Belize restaurants eating view of the jungle patio 2 is on West St. by the old mall. One of the great things about Yoli's is the seating. There patio has gown over the years to look something like a little jungle in the middle of town. They serve ice cream, some pastries and soda - in addition to pizza.

Chinese food icon

Chinese food

all over
M-Su 9a(ish)-12a(ish)

So it might be kind of an odd reality, but probably the most common food in towns in Belize is Chinese food. Most all of the corner stores are owned by the Chinese and there are lots of shops that also have restaurants. There are four main restaurant's in downtown. Delicious Seafood is on burns and this is where you go to buy cigarettes at night. Tai San is just up the street and it's in a neat building. Rose's, well... don't really know anyone who eats there. Finally if you want to eat, go to Maxim's. It's on Bullet Tree Rd. 3 blocks from the main intersection. Most everything they serve is good. Small portion to go are bigger than to have.


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