El Pilar

El Pilar is an ancient Maya city center located on the Belize-Guatemala border. It can be accessed from Bullet Tree Falls, 12 miles north-west of San Ignacio Town.

So that is the official statement. The real reason El Pilar is listed here is because it is one of the most interesting sites around. The reason being that if you go to Tikal or Xunantunich or really any Maya site, there is always a lot of short well maintained grass. That’s nice and all but you don’t really get the feeling that your are seeing things that are 3000 to 5000 years old. That is just why El Pilar is so nice.It’s not fully excavated and there is no well kempt grass. It’s much closer in feeling to you just wandering through the jungle one day and you are the first person to stumble across the remains of some long dead civilization. It’s a bit more awe inspiring.

Getting there

You get there from Bullet Tree Falls, but it’s a little way back, so you’ll need your own transportation, like a┬árent a car. You’ll first need to get tickets in Bullet Tree. The place you get those is pretty easy to find. When you are driving through Bullet Tree, you’ll pass a soccer field on the right, and then a bus stop on the right, stay to the left of the bus stop. Maybe 3 buildings down on the left you’ll see a sign that says you can get tickets there. They’ll tell you whatever else you need to know.

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