Bars and Booze, where to get it.

Like any self-respecting town in Central America, San Ignacio, Belize has its fair share of bars and drinking establishments. Unfortunatly they also pop up and close down quite regularly. The places here are the one's that have been around for a while, or seem to be heading in that direction. Most places close at midnight. If you are a late night person you'll want to head out to the Casino. If it's the weekend you will find Blue Angels open till 2am or so. Happy drinking.
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Blue Angels

Blue Angels San Ignacio
on Hudson St. after the post office

Blue Angels is the only real dance club in town. They have happy hour till 9pm, a huge dance floor and a pool table. They do have a cover but it's mainly there to keep out the riff raff.

The Fox Club

The Fox Club, Santa Elena, Belize
George Price Ave.
10am - 12am
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The Fox Club is by far the nicest bar in San Ignacio/Santa Elena. From the patio, You have a 180 degree view of the Macal River and San Ignacio. They have Karaoke on Wednesday, live music on the weekends, wifi and happy hour is 4-7 everyday.


Blue Angels San Ignacio
Across from Sacred Heart College

Meluchi's is a neat spot. It overlooks a graveyard, and they have events going on most nights, from karaoke to live music. They have great local fare, and good drinks too. Interesting atmosphere. It's all open, with tents in case there are showers, and the graveyard is a cool touch.


Mr.Greedy's Bar #5 Burns Ave
6:00am - 12:00am

Happy hour at Mr. Greedy's is between 3 and 6 pm when local rum drinks start at just $2. The bar stays open after the restaurant closes and the sandy floor adds a nice ambience. It's located about 100 yards down Burns Ave. from the main intersection.

Piache Bar

Piache bar Up the hill by the police station by the casino

Piache Bar is located up the hill from the center of town across the street from the casino. It's also pretty far on the local side of things. The bar itself is basically a giant palapa. They play good music and have a good sized dance floor.

Pit Pan Tavern

Pit Pan Tavern San Ignacio Belize
Behind the JNC Mall
They close on the early side

Pit Pan Tavern is in the square right near where the buses pull in. It's a small bar with a good feel. They do close on the early side so it's good for an afternoon sort of thing.

The Spot Bar

Spot Bar San Ignacio On Bullet Tree Rd. by the gas station

The Spot Bar is super local. It's too far to walk really, but if you have a means of transprotation and want to escape the downtown area and all of it's loudness, it's a good place to go. They also have super cheap drinks.

The Stork Club

The Stork Club, San Ignacio In The San Ignacio Hotel
M-Th 10am-12am
F-Su 10am-2am
The Stork Club is a swankier place. It's decorated with hard wood and leather couches, and for those of you who are non smokers, so is the Stork Club. You do have to keep in mind that the prices are going to match the place.

Sunset Bar

The Sunset Bar San - Ignacio Belize
Across from the Macal River Park
usually open till 12am

If you like the singing then this is the place to get your groove on. They have one of the best karaoke selections in San Ignaico - and they have cheap drinks. The place is mostly Spanish speakears but english is also fine. Be warned though, they take their singing very seriously.

The Chinese Stores

Delicious Seafood Restaurant San Ignacio
They are everywhere.

If you just want some drinks, or want to go local, you can always stop by a chinese shop and grab something. If it's later than 9:30, your only options are the Delicious Seafood Restaurant (It's just off the main intersection in town. They keep a little window open till midnight.) or Sue's. Sue's is kind of hard to find. So if that's where you are heading check the map.


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