Ways to Spend a day in San Ignacio

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The Hawksworth Bridge going from San Ignaico to Santa Elena It's not surprising that the majority of things to do in a country this hot either involve going out at night or sitting in air-conditioned rooms. So where does the traveler find respite from the heat in Belize? Many choose shade and beer, most restaurants in town have outdoor seating, i.e. shade and beer. This is also where you will find a wealth of information in the way of locals you can talk to. People here are always happy to chat and usually know the best places for what you want. Here are some great places to sit, chat and have a drink. Marching band during the St.George's Caye Day parade in San Ignacio BelizeIf you are more inclined towards the non-alcoholic side of fun try here. And for those needing to connect with the outside world, here is where you can use the internet.A Boy with a bull in the 1962 Ag Fair in San Ignacio Belize

In addition to all of these wonderful things, there are always festivals, usually a party in the park or two and this and that. In the "Other Fun" section of the site, you'll find info on places to go swimming or horsebackriding close to town. And if you are up for perhaps the best time in town, you'll want to check out the Karaoke at the Sunset Bar.


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San Ignacio in nice letters.
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