Getting to San Ignacio, Belize by Bus

Coming from Mexico/The North.

Ado buses run regularly towards Chetumal. From here, either catch a premier bus from the ADO bus station or head to the old market where you can catch a local bus. The premier bus will cost you $16 bz to Belize City. The local Belizean bus will cost you $12.

Coming from Belize City/Belmopan.

Take the Benque bus. From Belize City, the trip will cost $7. From Belmopan, it will cost you $3.

Coming from the South.

Again, you’ll be traveling through Belmopan first. From Punta Gorda, the bus to Belmopan is $22. From Independence, $15. And from Dangriga, $6.

Coming from Guatemala.

From the Melchor border, you’ll have two options; take a taxi to San Ignacio (should cost you $5 per person) or take a taxi to the Benque bus station ($3 per person) and then catch a local bus heading towards Belize City from there ($1.50). If taxi drivers try to charge you more than this, simply go ask another driver. These are the prices.

Orientation once you Reach

The main bus terminal is located in the center of town. If you are looking in the direction that the bus is facing then the main intersection is straight ahead of you. Once at the intersection, the street that crosses the one you are on is Burns Ave. Taxis can be caught from in front of the large yellow ‘Courts’ building in front of you. Keep in mind the town center is small, and most places can be reached on foot. Also you will want to keep an eye out for people trying to get you to go places straight off the bus. Anyone doing that I assure you, you don’t want to talk to.

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