Looking your best in San Ignacio Belize

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Even though you might be traveling, being of sound body and mind should always be at the top of your list.

If you are into yoga or martial arts San Ignacio, Belize can definitely accommodate you. There are a number of yoga instructors, and a handful of martial arts schools.

If you are looking to get gussied up, there are quite a few salons at your disposal. Massages are offered at some beauty salons as well as by independent massage therapists.

Hopefully your stay in town won’t require these, but there are two main hospitals, and a number of clinics/pharmacies in town.
Surgeon Generals Warning: Mullets and Rat Tails may cause back and neck problems. In recent studies scientists have found that mullets and rat tails may cause extra stress on cervical vertabrae, cutting off blood to the brain and can also lead to misalignment of the thoracic and lumbar vertabrae. While both of these particular hair styles may make one super appealing to the opposite/same sex, they should be sported with care. 
~The Surgeon General