Hotels and the Like in San Ignacio Belize

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San Ignaico Belize is chalked full of places to stay. It’s got big expensive hotels, bug infested dives and the whole spectrum in the middle. Price, service and location are what you need to weigh to see what hotel is good for you. Here’s a quick run down on the type of places.

Hotels/guesthouses of San Ignacio

If you are just using San Ignaico as a base for day trips, that’s when you’ll want to stay in a hotel. The hotels in San Ignacio are pretty much all located in the main part of town. They usually run from $25bz to around $180bz. On the lower end of the scale you can expect to have a mattress, maybe a fan and shared bathrooms with cold water. On the high end you will get everything you would expect from a nicer hotel. The Hi-Et is a good example of a lower end place. The rooms run arout $40bz and that comes with the shared bathroom and all that. One thing to keep in mind is the location of the hotel. Most places are on Burns Ave., which is the main street through town and being the main street it also gets all the buses and traffic. So if you are a light sleeper, you will want to find a place off Burns.

Lodges in and around San Ignaico

If you want a little more of an interesting place and not just a bed, Lodges are the way to go. Basically, a lodge is anything out of town in a natural kind of place. They don’t have the same things as resorts, but they also don’t have the pricetag. A good example is Lower Dover. It’s a few minutes out of town, in a fairly jungley area. There’re trails for hiking, rivers for swimming, and to top it all off they found some huge mayan ruins on the proprety. They run from $20bz to $180bz a night. But you can also go places like Barton Creek Outpost, where you will find ruins, rivers, jungle, great food and free camping. Each lodge is quite unique.

Resorts / Vacation Rentals

As far as Resorts and vacation rentals, they are pretty much just what you would expect. Resorts are very nice, very pricey places and vacation rentals are houses that you rent for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks or months.