Now I know that when most people hear the word "lodge" it conjures up images of old guys in funny hats, imperfect smiles toasting to health and sipping tonic under a cranberry gin blossom or, perhaps, well worn leather couches being watched over by ancient heads of long dead moose who warm their dusty bones by a shadowy hearth. That isn't really what they are here.

The Lodges of San Ignacio Belize are some of the best places to stay in the country. They run from hostel prices to resort prices. They can be found near towns and villages, or in the middle of the jungle. These really are the best places in the country to stay.

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Mountain Equestrian Trails

A rare butterfly found at Mountain Equestrian Trails in Mountain Pine Ridge, just outside San Ignacio Belize Mountain Equestrian Trails is pretty much the essence of "jungle lodge". It's a Four-Globe certified Belize Ecotourism Jungle Lodge in Mountain Pine Ridge, where you can do anything form horseback riding tours to hiking to bird watching and river cave exploration. You'll also find butterfly gardens, waterfalls, and they do tours to Caracol, Xunantunich, El Pilar and Tikal (in Guatemala).

The cabanas at Mountain Equestrian Trails (MET) are done in a rather roomy Spanish style. They all come with private bathrooms and of course hot water. A Black orchid (the national flower of Belize) at Mountain Equestrian Trails in Pine Ridge just outside San Ignacio, Belize As far as eating goes, you won't find much better than the Cantina. They do three meals a day, including delicious breakfasts, gourmet lunches and home-style dinners featuring locally grown fresh fruits & vegetables. You can order both Belizean and International dishes.

All in all, if you are looking for a jungly paradise to escape to, or just a nice place, with nice people, to stay for a few nights - Mountian Equestrian Trails is the place to go.

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Lower Dover Jungle Lodge

Lower Dover Jungle Lodge the Aqua House - lodges in San Ignacio Belize Lower Dover Jungle Lodge is located just outside San Ignacio in the village of Unitedville and sits on the Belize River between Big and Little Barton Creeks. Lower Dover Jungle Lodge the Bunk House - Lodges in San Ignacio Belize The sheer amount of surrounding water and greenery gives you the feeling of being being deep in the jungle. And if you get tired of the jungle, you are still close enough to come into town or head up to Mountain Pine Ridge.

Lower Dover Jungle Lodge the Red House - Lodges in San Ignaico Belize

Lower Dover itself has a well established series of trails which provide access to the Belize River, Big Barton Creek, Little Barton Creek and its numerous tufa dams and small falls. Lower Dover also has a multi-structure Maya site and a medicine trail. There is more than enough to keep one occupied for a good long time.

The newest addition to the lodge is the bunkhouse. It's a nice little dorm style house with it's own bathroom and three bunk beds. It's perfect for backpackers or if you are looking to bring down a group.

There goal is to provide a clean, safe, and economical experience to those who appreciate the preservation of Belize's plant and wild life.

Black Rock Lodge

Arial view of Black Rock Lodge in just outside San Ignacio Belize.

Black Rock Lodge's stunning rainforest surroundings offer abundant opportunity for exploration and adventure. Whether canoeing down the pristine Macal River, horseback riding to the Flour Camp caves, or hiking up the various Canyon trails, the abundant diversity of the local flora and fauna is inspiring. The Patio at Black Rock Lodge overlooking Black Rock Canyon just outside San Ignacio Belize.

The Lodge's 13 cabins boast stunning views of Black Rock Canyon, the Macal River, and the surrounding rainforest and wildlife. The cabins are airy one-room structures built to take advantage of the fresh mountain breezes. Fully screened windows and high pitched roof lines create a bright and refreshing rainforest home for our guests. All cabins have en-suite bathrooms and closet areas. Simply decorated, the cabins display artwork created by local artisans and craftspeople.

San Ignacio, Cayo, Belize, Central America - (011) 501-820-4049 or (011) 501-820-3929

Iguana Junction

Iguana Junction Logo San Ignacio Belize The Palapa at Iguana Junction San Ignacio Belize

An oasis of tranquillity on the banks of the Mopan River, just a few minutes from the hustle and bustle of vibrant San Ignacio. Relax on our riverside deck or laze in a hammock in our beautiful palappa. Our comfortable cabanas, all with private facilities, assure the perfect end to your day.

The style is simply tropical. The rooms are fresh, clean, and comfortable: two individual cabanas on stilts with verandahs and private bathroom, and two individual cabana-style rooms, also with en-suite facilities.

Bullet Tree Falls, San Ignaico, Belize, C.A. - 501824224

Log Cab-Inn

The Swimming Pool at Log Cab-inn San Ignacio Belize a cabin at Log Cab-inn San Ignacio Belize

Located just one mile from San Ignacio town in the Cayo district of Belize, you'll have easy access to most points of interest. Cahal Pech is only a fifteen minute walk from your cabin, Xunantunich is barely ten miles away. They offer daily guided tours to archaeological, jungle and nature sites throughout the San Ignacio Cayo District area.

The facilities consist of nine spacious cottages, an open-air dining room and bar, gift shop, deck and swimming pool. They are known for their rustic yet comfortable accommodations and personalized hosting.

Mile 68 Western Highway San Ignacio Cayo District Belize - Central America - +501 824 3367

Midas Tropical Resort

A walk through the yard at Midas Tropical Resort in San Ignaico, Belize

We offer you an exciting holiday in a jungle setting within five to ten minutes from the center of San Ignacio. We are close to the Mayan ruins, we can organize all the exciting tours to see the wonders of Belize and we have the family atmosphere to make your stay an enjoyable one.

A room at Midas Tropical Restort San Ignacio, Belize

The Resort has lots of different local birds and the closeness of the river directly bordering the property helps attract wildlife as it flows by on its route past San Ignacio. The flora surrounds the cabanas, with outstanding trees that add to the beauty of the surroundings. You'll be able to see squirrels and iguanas in the tree branches and humming birds fluttering from flower to flower.

San Ignacio, Cayo District, Belize, Central America - 501 824-3172

Moon Racer Farm

Sapodilla Falls at Moon Racer Farm San Ignacio Belize

This full service jungle lodge offers lodging, meals, a bar, adventures, and transportation. The property has over 50 acres with trails for hiking, horseback riding and bird watching. The trails on property connect to a larger network of trails on government land in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve and Elijio Panti National Park. It’s possible to stay here in the Mountain Pine Ridge for a week and go on a different adventure every day without ever going back out to the real world.

Each room can comfortably sleep four with two queen-sized beds and has a private bath with shower and hot water.Sapodilla Falls at Moon Racer Farm San Ignacio Belize A Restaurant and bar are located in the main cabin. Incase you just can't tear yourself away from the internet, free WiFi is available throughout the lodging area.

The lodge is “off the grid,” and electricity is provided by a diesel powered generator. This means the rooms do not have air conditioners. But don’t worry, temperatures are almost always pleasant in the Mountain Pine Ridge, and we usually have a nice breeze blowing so you’ll be cool and comfortable as you relax in your hammock on your private porch.

Please leave appliances which use a lot of electricity at home. You don’t need your hair dryer in the jungle anyway! The power production is sufficient to operate and charge devices such as laptops, cameras, MP3 players, etc., with some planning. Just let them know what needs to be charged and they'll make sure it's charged for you.

Parrot Nest Lodge

Tree house lodging at Parrots Nest, San Ignacio, Belize A cabin at Parrot Nest, San Ignacio, Belize

Parrot Nest Lodge is a truly unique tropical experience. Spending the night under a 100' guanacaste tree in a thatched tree house is like nothing else! The lodge is surrounded on three sides by the Mopan River and the wildlife of the area abound. Yes, parrots are in great number here, along with hundreds of other types of birds, making this an ideal location for bird watching. Coati, agouti, otter, and the giant iguana are among the many animals which are regular visitors to our beautiful gardens which, though lush and exotic, are virtually mosquito free, a real bonus for those who love the great outdoors - and a good night's sleep.

Windy Hill

A room at Windy Hill, San Ignacio, Belize A room at Windy Hill, San Ignacio Belize

Windy Hill Resort is located in the Cayo District, the most popular inland destination in Belize. We are located near several of Belize's greatest attractions including well-known Mayan Temples, caves, rainforests, and jungle rivers.

Windy Hill Resort offers 16 air conditioned deluxe cottages and 9 standard rooms with all the modern conveniences in a lush tropical setting. Each cottage is decorated with exotic hardwoods, local art and hand-woven rugs. All the furnishings are custom-made by local craftsmen.

Graceland Ranch San Ignacio, Belize - 011-501-824-2017


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