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There are lots of neat places to stay in San Ignacio: hotels, guest houses, resorts, lodges. All of these are great for shorter stayes, but they have a tendancy of getting a bit cramped if you are going to be here for more than a week or so. That is where these fine places come in. VRbO is vacation rentals by owner. It's a house for rent. They are usually lovely with nice gardens and are in good locations. So if you want something more than a room; this is where you should look.

Kumquat Cottage

The master bedroom in The Kumquat Cottage vacation rental by owner, San Ignacio Belize

Combining seclusion with luxury and convenience, Kumquat Cottage, a delightful artist-designed house, is nestled a hop, skip and a jump from the center of San Ignacio yet boasts the privacy and solitude of your ownThe front view of the left side of The Kumquat Cottage in San Ignacio Belizepersonal resort. Saunter from your own terraced tropical gardens to a range of fine restaurants within minutes. Take one of Cayo's many adventures or stay at home cooking, reading a book on the deck, web surfing, or hanging out watching the birds and iguanas near the spring-fed creek.

The property is located in a quiet, safe nighborhood near the police station and the San Ignacio Hotel/Resort. It comes with a fully equipped kitchen and an outdoor barbecue. Catering is also available. House/cell phone can be arranged. As for sleeping, you'll find one expansive, air-conditioned bedroom. It's ideal for a couple but can accomodate up to six.

The bathroom has a solar-heated tub and a separate shower room. An outdoor clothes line is near the kitchen and larger laundry loads can be done in town. Several markets are close for fresh food to cook in the kitchen and guests are welcome to eat fruit from the yard in season, such as coconut, avocado, custard apple, bloggo plantain, wax apple and starfruit. The rooftop terrace has views of San Ignaico and the spring-fed creek at the bottom of the yard is tranquil and private.

the grey owl's nest in Benque del Carmen - front window shot

The Grey Owl's NestClick to email facebook logo

The Grey Owl's Nest is something of a unique VRBO experience. It's run by Roy Peers and his wife Hezey. In fact it's right next to their house. It's on the cheaper side and is almost comparable to a cheaper, longterm B&B.The Grey Owl's Nest in Benque del Carmen, Belize - green leaf paintingThe Nest is in the next town over, Benque Viejo del Carmen, which is the border town on the Guatemalan side of the country. It's with in walking distance of rivers, buses and taxis.

The house, as you can see it the photo, is a studio, with hot and cold water in the bathroom. It has two beds, a tv, fridge, there's no A/C but it has fans and big windows. Out side you'll find the kitchen area. It has a large working area and the mayan version of an oven. If that is a little over the top for you, a regular burner is always available.The Grey Owl's nest in Benque del Carmen, Belize - the palce you make your food

Roy and Hezey really make this place unique and not in a "this is a resort and we are going to call it unique because it sounds good" kind of way. Roy is into caving and is always up for taking his guests to some rarely seen places like Actun Chapat. His wife Hezey is Maya and knows all sorts of Mayan goodies. She also teaches Mayan cooking classes, so you can actually learn how to use the crazy mayan oven in the kitchen. They are both well connected in Guatemala and can set you up with trips and tours on the other side too. All in all, if you are looking for something a bit different, on the cheaper side and a good time, you might want to check in with the Grey Owl's nest.


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