Interneting in San Ignaico Belize

Suprisingly enough, it’s pretty easy to stay connected when you’re in town. There are quite a few internet cafes and a handful of places that offer wi-fi for the price of a drink. The best time to go to an internet cafe is pretty much anytime other that when school gets out (between 3 and 5). During these times, you get a slow connection and places are crowded. The price is usually 5bz an hour, but there is cheaper. 

Many of the cafes also do repairs and sell parts and accessories. One thing you need to keep an eye out for here is viruses. If you are using a flash drive or even connecting a camera card there is a super high chance that you will get some unhappy extras on your drive. Be sure to scan it when you finish. If you don’t know how, ask the clerk at the store.

Computer Excel

They are located in the old mall on West Street, San Ignacio, Belize and have the lowest rates in town (short of free wi-fi). It’s 2.50bz/hr. They have 16 computers, A/C and a 2 meg connection (the fastest connection available in San Ignacio). They also do computer repairs and servicing, printing and sell accessories.The are open from 9am-8pm Monday-Thursday and 9am-9pm on Friday and Saturday – closed on Sunday.


You can find Tradewinds above the San Ignaico post office (the little glass door on the right of the post office entrance). Their rates are $3/hour for students and $5/hour for regular customers, as well as happy hour between 7am and 9am. They have A/C and printing. They are open from 7am-11pm Monday-Saturday and 10am-10pm on Sunday.


Wi-Fi has become quite the popular thing in San Ignacio. Many hotels offer it, as do most coffee shops and restaurants. You can get wi-fi for the price of a drink at Greedy’s pizzariaFlayva’s, Peek a Boo Cafe, and Hode’s Bar and Restaurant.

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