Barton Creek Outpost

Barton Creek Outpost often hosts WWOOFER's and other volunteers to help us accomplish our mission. Volunteers are all ages and come from all over the world. We ask for a minimum time commitment of 2 weeks at the Outpost for WWOOFER's and other volunteers with the exception of student groups. It doesn't cost anything except your hard work to volunteer here in Belize and we feed our people well. Sleeping arrangements are usually a mattress and sleeping bag in our loft. Typically you may expect to work about 6 hours a day and then help with meal preparations and cleanup. We ask for 6 days a week and on your day off you may still help with the evening meal and cleanup. A day's work may include general cleanup, yard work, animal care, nursery work, citrus grove maintenance, gardening, and work. Glamorous! We make every effort to place volunteers in work environments that makes the best use of their skill set but our primary goal is to accomplish our daily tasks and special projects with the people we have here.

Email: BelizeBritts@yahoo.com/Telephone: 501-662-4797



For those who live abroad, volunteering and interning in Belize is a cultural experience far beyond tourism. Cornerstone programs are relatively unstructured, allowing you to plug into existing projects and/or to initiate new projects that grow out of community needs and your capabilities, interests and goals. Some projects might come to completion when you return home; others become long-term elements of the program and continue after your departure. One thing that will be guaranteed is you will enjoy a rich opportunity to make a difference, to touch hearts and to be touched by your experience in Belize.

Office volunteers experienced in web development, fundraising, volunteer recruitment, or general office work are greatly needed and can step right in and begin working immediately.

Trekforce, Peace Corps, and Pro Belize (The Belizian branch of Pro World) also opperate in the area.


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