Massage and Energy Work

Massage Therapists

After a day in the caves, or a romp through the jungle, a massage could be the perfect thing to finish off the experience. There are a number of massage therapists, in addition to the spas that also offer massages. Many of the spas/salons close on the earlier side, but most of the independant therapists will do house calls, or hotel calls as it may be. Prices vary on the service, so call first to check times and prices.

Emmanuelle’s Skin Care

house calls available 

Emmanuelle’s offers masks and massages. They have natural masks including: oatmeal, banana, cucumber and honey, as well as paraffin treatments and acne treatments. She has an office as well and does house calls. The masks are by appointment only. She’s located on West Street, San Ignacio, Belize, across from the insurance office by the sign that says “Books”.

Massage & Facial Care

house calls available 

The people at Massage & Facial do exactly what the name says massages and facials. For facials, they offer deep cleaning, exfoliation, masks and facial massages. Massage wise, they do sweedish and deep tissue. They are located on the corner of Mossiah and Victoria Rd. which is just up from the police station in the Busman Arnold Building. They accept credit cards and they have multiple massage artists on staff, so groups are also welcome.

Spas with Massage Services

Gretel’s Beauty Care and Body Massage

#7 Far West Street 
San Ignacio Town, Belize 

She offers Swedish/deep tissue massage, aromatherapy, hot stones and mud wraps. Gretel was trained locally in San Ignacio and then received her certificates after training under an American massage instructor. She is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of wellness services.

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