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First a quick note on emergencies. In San Ignacio there is no “911”. If you happen to have one particular phone service you can dial 911, but they connect you with Belize City and then give you a number to call in San Ignacio, but like I said it only works with one particular phone company. Your best bet is to either find a ride to a hospital or call the hospital directly.


Loma Luz

For Emergencies call 824.2087

Loma Luz is located in Santa Elena. It is a private Seventh Day Adventist hospital. To get there you head out of town towards Belmopan. It will be on your right hand side up on the side of a hill. Look for a sign that says Greedy’s Pizza and immediatly before that is their driveway. The regular phone number is the same as the emergency phone number.

They have two OBGYNs and one Pediatrician on staff. They can do X-rays, Ultra Sounds, both major and minor surgery and will soon be able to do ct scans. One of the things they don’t do is vaccinations, and if ICU is required the patient will be sent to Belize City.

Their hours (non-emergency) are: 
Monday to Thursday 8am to 5pm 
Friday 8am to 3pm 
Saturday emergency only 
Sunday 9am to 12pm 
Times outside these hours are emergency only


There are a number of pharmacies located in town and it’s always good to know where they are. It also might seem odd to do, but if you aren’t feeling it’s quite normal to tell one of the people how you are feeling and they will give you something for it. I guess you could either look at it like they know the medicine, or they have seen lots of people come through and recognize the symptoms. They aren’t a substitute for doctor’s, but if you’re in a hurry they can probably recomend something.

La Sante

They are located at 106 Benque Viejo Rd and is open between 8am-12pm and 1pm-9pm Monday-Saturday.

Codd’s Drug Store

is located at 2 Benque Viejo Rd. and is open from 8am-9pm Monday-Saturday. In the center of town

There’s also a pharmacy in the new mall on Burns Ave. and another on West St. behind the building that was formerly Cafe Sol.

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