Places to Eat in San Ignacio, Belize

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Papusa Stand at the Saturday morning market, San Ignacio Belize

Eating in San Ignacio: If you have ever done much traveling in small countries, you’ll know that they don’t usually offer very much variety in food. It’s pretty much just what’s on the local menu.

Luckily for San Ignacio the locals are Hindu, Chinese, Taiwanese, Garifuna, Guatemalan, Mexican, Creole and a hodge-podge of people from north America and Europe. So there are good aspects of being a former colony after all. Anyway, what this all means for you is you can get anything from pizza to chop suey to tofu burritos and veggie burgers.

So If you are looking for a restaurant for breakfast lunch or dinner go here. If you’re just looking for a place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee, check out the coffee shops. But if you really want a sampling of local food, check out the street vendors.

Surgeon General’s Warning: It is strongly advised that you never eat anything larger than your head. We at the office of the surgeon general understand that it is quite common while traveling to be deprived of good things to eat. In spite of this, we advise that you never consume anything larger than your head as it may lead to exploding and/or being eaten by a predator while in a food coma. Eat wisely. Eat small. 
~The Surgeon General