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After living here for a while, most people come to realize that Belize is something of the wild west. Both in the sense that you will see horses around town and there a lot of people around trying to make a quick buck off people who don’t know the way things work.

This isn’t to scare you, but more so that you are perhaps a little more on guard when dealing with large sums of money and people you don’t know. You won’t find lots of people listed in this section. In fact you will only see one maybe two people for each of the three sections: Real Estate, Property Management, and Relocation Services. The reason being, we at kind of have a thing for only recommending honest businesses to those who visit this site.

Advice for coming to Belize

1. Always Talk to More than 1 Person 
2. Never Pay for anything till it’s done 
3. Get a local to ask for the best prices 
4. Don’t leave the store till you know it works 
5. Assume you will go over budget by 2 to 3 times 
6. Watch out for roaming charges 
7. Watch out for fake friends 
8. If you’re on the run, Don’t come to Belize 
9. Everything in Negotiable 
10. Nothing is Black and White – it’s all Grey 
11. Time Runs Different in Belize (it’s a little on the slow side)