Rentals/Shuttles – San Ignacio, Belize

Getting to San Ignaico

So if you are coming from the Belize airport, you aren’t left with cheap many options. You can bus it, or hire a rent-a-car, a shuttle or a taxi (a very, very expensive option). The cheap way with a taxi is to get a ride from the airport to Ladyville(5bz) then catch the bus heading into Belize then from the bus station take the Benque bus and get off in San Ignacio Belize.

A quick note on getting back to the Belize airport / Belize City

From San Ignacio, shuttles to Belize City, the airport, and the water taxi run fairly regularly and can be booked through any of the tour companies in town. Prices vary hugely depending on the time of year and how many others are making the same trip on the same day. Prices can go from $30-$200bz so it’s always best to keep in mind what other options there are.

Getting back to the Airport

For some reason Belize is probably the only country in the world that refuses to have bus service to and from the airport. What the taxi’s want you to do is pay 50bz for a very short ride, from the bus station in Belize to the airport. An alternative to this is to catch a bus heading north from Belize City (to Orange Walk or Corozal) and get off in Ladyville. From there you can catch a cab for 5bz. If you really want to you can also walk. You’ll be dropped off at the end of the runway and you just follow that till you get to the terminal.

William’s Belize Shuttle


William is a great alternative to the bus system. He will pick you up from your hotel (or the airport if you coming the other way) and drop you off at another hotel, the water taxi or the airport. It saves a lot of the hassle and he’s more than willing to make any stops along the way, if there are things you would like to explore more on your way in. Send him an email at . The rates are for his van so if you can arrange the trip on days when others are making the same voyage, you’ll save a bit of money.

A little review

I decided to hire a private driver to take us to Chaa Creek with a stop at Belize Zoo to break up the trip. We found his contact info in one of the posts – William Hofman. He charged half of what Chaa Creek was charging and he also include a stop at the zoo. We had pre-arranged for him to meet us at the Marine Terminal and he was there as scheduled. William is very knowledgeable about the area and resides in San Ignacio and gave us a good background of the country and the different areas we were passing through. 

Car Rentals

From the Airport

Outside the airport is a big parking lot. Across the parking lot are lots of little car rental places. There’s a Budget, Crystal, and several others. The prices depend on the season and the length of time. But you are more or less looking at 140bz to 200bz per day. All the companies also have weekly and monthly rates.

Car Rentals In San Ignacio

Cayo Auto Rentals

81 Benque Viejo Road 
San Ignacio Town 

Now San Ignacio Belize is an amazing place. The town is great, there lots of awesome places to go and spectacular places to go. Sadly, Belize’s public transit isn’t the best in the world. So how would one say get to Caracol and Pine Ridge – without taking a $70us tour? Rent a Car. If you rent a car for about $50us a day and there are say 3 of you. You can take your own tour for a few dollars and the price of gas. For those of you who are more do it yourself, renting a car in San Ignacio really is the way to go.

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