San Ignacio’s Wholesome Side

If you aren’t the bar type, you still have options. A personal favorite is sitting around with a nice iced tea and watching people in front of Flayva’s. If you would like something not quite so passive and you want to stay in town, here are some of your options.

Cayo Twist

Cayo Twist is a homemade ice cream parlour located in the Cahal Pech area. They’re open during the evenings from Wednesday to Sunday and the large wooden patio that stretches around the building makes it an ideal place to bring your family.

The Casino

Now you can get drink here, but you don’t have to. It is probably one of the nicest rooms in town. It’s carpeted, air-conditioned, and the staff is all super friendly. Just make sure you bring id.


There are quite a few parks, some have basketball courts, and Soccer fields. Others are just little with benches and trees. They are all splendid.

The Macal River Park

It’s got a gazebo, a soccer field, a playground and picnic tables. You’ll find it if you follow the road from the bus station, away from town and past the intersection by the market. It’s maybe a 5min walk from downtown.

Falcon Field

This park has benches, basketball courts and a nice open grassy area. You can usually find a fair number of joggers making their way around it around sunrise or sunset. To get there, go from the courts building at the main intersection up hill. At the top, you’ll find what’s know as double street (it has a median). Take a right and it’s maybe a 3minute walk.

Victor Galvis Stadium

This park has a basketball court, playground, and soccer field. If you start at the main intersection, walk past Tai San (a chinese store) and up to the police station. Then take the road that goes up the big hill. Just follow that road all the way to the top of the hill and that’s where the park is. If you want to go to Cahal Pech, the park is right at the bottom of that hill. There’s a sign on the corner telling you how to get there.

In addition to those there are numerous places to sit next to the river and there are quite a few smaller parks that you’ll find just walking around.

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