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At times, shopping here can be a challenge. All the shops import different things and you'll find most in the strangest places. You can find hot sauce in coffee shops and get the best milk at Hannah's. You need to keep in mind that when looking for something particular, you might have to look around. It all basically breaks down like this though. The most stores don't sell produce, and the market doesn't sell cans. Often you need to make a couple of stops.

Grocery Stores

The two main grocery stores in San Ignacio are Mega Food (in Santa Elena) and Costless (located further up the hill at 7 Benque Viejo Rd).

Costless Mart

Costless Mart is a large grocery store located up the hill towards Cahal Pech. They sell a wide variety of items and offer wholesale to businesses. They are more or less 1/4 restaurant supply and 3/4 grocery store. They also have some of the cheapest prices and best selection of cheese. They are open 8am-9pm from Monday-Saturday and 8am-1pm on Sunday.

Mega Food

Mega Food is located in Santa Elena. It's owned by the same guys that own Costless Mart and it's got the same good prices, plus a little better selection. They are open 8am-9pm from Monday-Saturday and 8am-1pm on Sunday.

Chinese Stores

Scattered around town are also a number of Chinese stores that sell most things you would be looking for. At the main intersection in town is Tai San and a block up from this is Maxims. Both are open til around 9pm every day.


Finding books to read can sometimes feel like the most difficult thing to do down here. With no bookstores in country, second-hand books are the only option. The best place to find these are at Easy Rider gift shop next to Flayva's on Burns Ave.

There is also a brand spanking new library in town just up by the police station and a much larger one on the other side of the river in Santa Elena.

Electronics/Household Appliances


They are located at the main intersection in town. This large building which was originally the old movie theater is now a large household/electronics superstore (it's also where you go to pay your electric bill).

Hindu Shops

There are also a number of small Hindi shops (Reshma, S.B. Store, Soppers Choice, Atlantic Store) lining the surrounding streets that sell furniture, TVs, stereos, video games. A short wander around town should help you find everything you're looking for.


These folks sell all sorts or random electronics, movies, and general brick-a-brack. If you need something and have checked everywhere, you just might be able to find it here. They do charge a bit more though.



Gitz is kind of out of the way, but they are worth checking out. To get there, go to the round-about and head away from the bridge. You'll pass the mayor's office on your right. Keep heading straightish and up the hill. On the left you'll see a yellow sign for Gitz on your left. The have a fully range of office products. Prices are cheaper for somethings and more expensive for others. If you are looking for the best price it's best to just call ahead.

A & R

This is a personal favorite. Head across the low bridge, up the hill, take a left and the first right. It'll be at the end of that street. They sell paper, pens and that sort of thing. They also some electronics, flash drives etc. They have games, books, decorations, pool toys, popcorn, cards, appliances - it's about as close as you can get in Belize to a one stop shop.


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