A little Inspiration for the trip inland

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Belize has a lot to offer the traveler. It’s got its islands, the reef – the Caribbean feeling. That’s one side, but I’d say not even half of the total of amazing things to see. If you leave the expensive bars and hotels. If you leave the the well trodden path of tourism. You wind up inland. If there is somewhere inland that you want to be, it’s here – San Ignacio. Quite a few people who come here are just passing through, not considering the town as a destination, but they have no idea what they are walking past. San Ignacio has been here for thousands of years. It’s had different names, but here none the less. There are places you can go where pottery shards are just lying around. There are caves where you’ll find skeletons encased in limestone. Everything is a color of green that one seldom sees in a more developed place. You can take a walk and see a 5 foot, neon orange iguana just hanging around. There’s a multitude of birds, butterflies, monkeys, gibnuts, and things you probably won’t even know the name for. So if you are willing to leave the tourist traps and head inland rest assured that you will have better stories to take home then the standard, “I sat on a beach for a few days.” Here are the sections for the best stuff in Belize