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Tour Companies of San Ignacio Belize

In Some ways, towns that get tourists are a lot alike in the sense that you get a whole industry that builds up around these people that come to see the place. San Ignacio Belize is no different. From the second you get off the bus to the time when you leave, people will be trying to get money out of you. The trick is that it is all done in a nice way so you don't really notice. The point to all this is this, if someone walks up to you, follows you, or says anything bad about another business or company - walk away quickly you don't want to deal with those people. While most places in town are legit there are a few that should be closed, but they pay off the right people. So if you are going to book a tour, use the list here or do some research. If you go for Trip Advisor, read the companies 5 worst reviews and that should give you a pretty good idea of the quality of the company, and if you hear something good about a guide you should know that all the companies use the same guides, so don't book with someone just because you heard they had a good guide. Now with that out of the way here are some of the better places to book in town

Destiny Tours Logo - San Ignaico Belize

Destiny Tours

Destiny Tours is a great company that has been operating for about a year. But the lead tour guide Sergio has been doing his thing for 20 years. They operate out of Flayva's Restaurant, which is on the corner of Burns Ave and Bullet Tree Rd. (the big intersection). Ask anyone working about trips, the whole staff is very knowledgeable.
Tel: 501.804.2267(Sergio - 604.4345)

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Mayan Heart World

Mayan Heart World is a sort of special tour company. The reason being is that they run tours in Belize, Guatemala and soon Mexico. You can pretty much book the whole area through them. Their main office is in San Ignacio Belize, right down town on Burns Ave. - it's super easy to find.

29 Burns Ave, San Ignacio, Belize, Central Americal / (501) 824-3328 or 666-2657

Pacz Tours

Pacz Tours is probably the highest rated tour company in Belize. The are constantly rated very well for service and professionalism. In addition to being the so well rated they are also one of the oldest so they really know how to treat a customer.

30 Burns Ave, San Ignacio Belize, Central America / (501) 824-0536 or 604-6921 after 8:00pm

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River Rat Expeditions

River Rat Logo - San Ignaico Belize This is a great company and a rarity in the sense that the one that owns the company is also the guide. Gonzo is the gentleman in charge and is a great guide and just plain fun to be around.

Contact him at 501-628-6033 or 501-824-4009

Yute Expeditions

Yute Expeditions is a family owned and operated business with a total of 12 vehicles, SUV's, mini vans, as well as a Toyota Coaster that seats 29 passengers, everything is well air-conditioned so you don't have to worry so much about the heat. All their tours are done with licensed tour guides.

` For more information contact them at 501-824-2076


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