Cristo Rey Falls

This is a spectacular place to go, albeit a little difficult to get to. When you get here you’ll find a swimming hole fed by a small creek and cold water springs. There are calcium formations, rocks to jump off and waterfalls to sit under. It’s amazing, and it’s pretty off the beaten track.

Getting There

If you have your own transportation, it’s a whole lot easier than if you don’t. If you are driving, go across the Hawksworth bridge and through Santa Elena till you get to the D.M.V. It’ll be on your right with a guard house in front and a chain link fence. The road is right beside it. Follow it. It’s a rough road and a couple of places have a steep grade, but the buses do it so you can too. You’ll continue on this road. You should go down 2 steep hills and then you start to climb again. Just when you start to climb you’ll see a painted telephone pole on the right and a road to the left. Turn left. Follow that road till the end. It stops infront of a creek. If you walk across the creek and around to the left you’ll be at the cold water spring at the top and you can just walk down the spring to the swimming hole. If you want you can also go under the barbed wire fence on the foot path from all the other people going under the barbed wire fence. If you are busing it, just take the Cristo Rey bus. The bus driver should know where to let you off. If not just look for the phone poll. From there you’ll have to walk down the road on the left. It really is worth it.

The Hammock Bridge

This is a pretty simple place to get to and it’s a great place for a picnic. The Hammock bridge itself is a little suspension bridge that connects one side of the river with another. There are trees all along one bank and during the summer there are usually vendors.

Getting There

From the middle of town walk down Burns Ave. (away from the police station) to the end. You’ll see an orange grove infront of you. Turn right. At the bend in the road there will be a dirt road to your left. Turn there. It’s about a mile, 1.9km from the start of the dirt road.


 – open 7am to 7pm 
As of Feb. ’11, there is a great little place at Branch Mouth (the Hammock Bridge). They have snacks, mixers, beer on occasion, and Fries and Chicken on the Weekends. They have also put in some BBQ pits and Hammocks. As for fun, they rent tubes, canoes, kayaks and they have a guide that can take you horseback riding to a lovely sink hole on the ridge named La Bianca.


If you want to go swimming somewhere that is great, not touritsty and easy to get to; this on is for you. The Mopan river runs from Guatemala to San Ignacio where it meets the Macal and becomes the Belize River and there are plenty of places to swim along it. What makes Succotz so great is that it’s right off the road on a bus line, so there isn’t a lot of walking time. There are little rapids that you can play in and there aren’t usually many people there at one time. One good thing to do on a Sunday (since everything is closed in town anyway) is pay the dollar to get to Xunantunich and tool around for a while. Then head back to the river and spend the rest of the day hanging out there. Bring some drink or some cookies and you have the makings of a great day.

getting there

Take the bus to Benque, but get off at the Xunantunich ferry (it should be either 1-1.50bz) and walk up the street about 100ft to the rapidy part. There are quite a few little places to walk down. Then, all you have to do is strip down and enjoy.

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