The Barton Creek Outpost, Belize

Barton Creek is an interesting little spot. It used to be a big tourist destination because of Barton Creek Cave, but over the past several years tour guides and companies have been sending people else where. This has more or less left the Barton Creek area something of a lost treasure. It’s a magical place where, if they existed, unicorns would roam. It’s full of lush jungle, rivers, monkeys, and Mennonites.

The best way to see the area is spending a few days there. The best place to sleep during those few days is the Barton Creek Outpost. The Barton Creek Outpost has free camping if you have your own gear and they rent it if you don’t. If you are interested in something a little less outdoorsy send them a message and something can usually be worked out.

In addition to offering a place to stay, the folks at the Outpost can help you book trips and tours to explore the area. You can do anything from horseback riding to canoeing, to exploring caves to wandering around Maya ruins. It really is a neat place.

There’s one last thing to keep in mind when you are heading out to Barton Creek, and that’s the fact that there are no stores or anything of the sort. Everything is brought in from in town, which is around 10 miles away. The Barton Creek Outpost doesn’t let guests use their kitchen, so you either bring in food and BBQ, or you eat at with them. But don’t worry there really are worse things that could happen. The lady making the food is an amazing cook. Never has a single word of unhappiness be uttered about the delights that she prepares. It’s good stuff.

Cosmo Camping

It’s located in town along the dirt road out towards the Hammock Bridge. Here, you’ll enjoy river access, Internet, and showers. Cabins are $40bz/per night and camping is $10bz/per person. RV hook-ups available as well. Call 824-2116 or 669-0153 for more information.

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